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Aftershock v1



Driver: Will Thomas

Weight: 105kgs

Length: 50cm

Width: 100cm

Height: 50cm

Drive: 2x 800w Scooter Motors

Batteries: 4x 6s Lithium Polymer Batteries (6s4P)

ESC: Wotty 360

Radio: Spektrum DX6i

Armour: 6mm Hardox 450

Weapon: 24kg Vertical Spinning Disc/ 14kg Bar

Weapon Motor: LEM 170

Year built: 2016

Record: Robot Wars Series 9 Heat A Winner (5 KO wins)

             4th Place overall




Aftershock is the successor to our previous Grand Finalist Shockwave. Armed with a deadly, 24kg Hardox vertical flywheel spinning at 2400rpm it can destroy almost anything in the arena! The chassis is much stronger than Shockwaves with 6mm Hardox outer armour and 15mm Hardox bulkheads to support the weapon. All of the Hardox on Aftershock was kindly provided and cut by our amazing sponsors Emsea Ltd ( They even managed to cut our 35mm thick Hardox disc!


Inside, there is a four wheel drive system powered by two, 800w scooter motors with a single stage chain reduction to the front and rear wheels giving a top speed of 13mph.


The weapon is powered by a LEM 170 brushed motor running on 6s LiPo (22.2v) from 4, 5000mAh Optipower packs. The LEM is switched using a large contactor. The disc is driving via twin V belts with phosphur bronze bushes to keep everything running smoothly.


Aftershock appeared in heat 1 of the 2017 series of Robot Wars on BBC2 and smashed its way into the Grand Final at the end of the series after destroying all of its opponents by knockout including Sabretooth and former UK champion Terrorhurtz!


In the Grand Final, Aftershock first face defending champion Apollo and double FRA champion Eruption. After a big flip from Apollo, our disc caused severe damage to the arena floor which resulted in the fight being stopped. Once the fight restarted, Aftershock managed to get an enormous hit on Apollo which rendered it completely immobile allowing us to proceed to the head to head round alongside Eruption.


In our first head to head we faced previous runner up Carbide. This was by far our toughest fight yet as Carbide had the only spinning weapon proved to be as destructive as ours. Unfortunately we lost drive after one of the first hits which allowed Carbide to attack side on and remove and entire side panel from Aftershock. This was propelled at the arena wall at such a high speed that it was able to get embedded into the 6mm polycarbonate screen. This piece of Aftershock and the arena later ended up being framed and given to the Executive Producer of the show.


After a frantic repair job we barely managed to get Aftershock back into the arena to face Ironside 3. We only had time to hold the top panels on using gaffer tape! The fight started well with Aftershock chasing down Ironside and delivering two big hits before our weapon motor exploded in a shower of sparks. This resulted in a weaponless Aftershock chasing Ironside around the arena before a driving error led to us being overturned by the arena spikes. With no weapon to right us, we were counted out of the fight.


Our last fight was against Eruption, a team we have known for almost 10 years and are very good friends with. For this fight we were able to finish our repair job from the Carbide fight and return to our standard disc instead of the bar spinner. This proved to be a good move as it allowed for a fantastic fight with plenty of damage caused to the arena, Dead Metal and of course Eruption. Eventually Aftershock lost a chain on the left side which prevented us from moving fully and therefore counted out of the fight.


So that left us with zero points in the Grand Final and in 4th place in Series 9 of Robot Wars. For a new machine it performed brilliantly and has given us loads of idea for a new version of Aftershock. Since filming we have completely restored the Series 9 version of Aftershock and it will hopefully return to the arena soon!



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