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Manta Maelstromled




Driver: Will Thomas

Weight: 110kgs

Length: 110cm

Width: 85cm

Height: 25cm

Drive: 2x 4kW Motors

Batteries: 6x 4s Lithium Ion Batteries (12s2P)

ESC: Vantec RDF47e

Radio: Spektrum DX6i

Armour: 4mm Weldox

Weapon: 360 degree lifting arm

Weapon Motor: Heavy duty gearmotor

Year built: 2016

Record: Robot Wars 2016 Heat B Winner



Shockwave was our first machine to take part on BBC2's Robot Wars! It is a powerful 4 whee drive machine armed with a 360 lifting scoop which can lift 200kg and rotate completely around the machine.


Inside, the four wheel drive system powered by two, 4k motors with a chain reduction to the four go kart wheels to give speeds of up to 20 mph and more pushing power than any other competitor. The drive motors are more commonly used in fairground rides and are hugely powerful!


The weapon is powered by a stairlift motor and gearbox running on 12s Li Ion with a final chain reduction and clutch to prevent damage to the gearbox. The weapon is controlled using a Sidewinder ESC.


Shockwave appeared in heat 2 of the 2016 series of Robot Wars on BBC2 and pitted several opponents on its way to the Grand Final including Disconstructor, Foxic, MR Speed Squared and Thor! Unfortunately in the Grand Final, Shockwave fell foul of the deadly spinner of Carbide and they caused severe damage to both us and the arena. This prompted our retirement from the competition for this series.


After the fight with Carbide we managed to fix Shockwave and get back in the arena for a whiteboard battle with Eruption although it became clear that the damage from Carbide was more severe than initially thought and we ended up being thrown out of the arena. At this point we decided to retire Shockwave from competitive fights.


In September 2016 we ressurected Shockwave for whiteboard battles and took it to the event at Greenwich Uni. It had several great fights over the weekend and entertainted the crowd with its handstands and victory dance.


When the next series of Robot Wars was announced we initially considered building a new version of Shockwave. Eventually we decided to try something different which led to Aftershock being built.

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